Nara Deer! 

YouTube video goodness:


   Best day in Japan!!!


Osaka Night 1: Table Charge!?! It’s like a tipping went ninja status

if your waitress brings you something delicious-looking as soon as you sit down, you will have a charge you won’t recognize on your check.    
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a table charge. Get used to it if you’re in Osaka. What’s the price? It varies. The one at this restaurant was 640¥

Oh, have two people at your table? That’s two table charge fees. Yes. 

We didn’t know about this fee (hence why we look so happy in the photo above). 

  We never get these fees in Okinawa, so we didn’t expect it. We got this table charge at every place we ate at in Osaka.  

Peach Flight AKA Cheap Flight! 

If you’re flying Peach or Vanilla Air, don’t expect all the fancy stuff you get with the other airlines. Don’t expect to even be in the normal terminals area. 

You’ll probably be in a warehouse like this   

 The waiting area might look like this:

Or this:   This is not a receipt. This is the BOARDING pass.   
  Walk to your airplane   
     Not a lot of leg room. Good thing I like to fold my legs up 😉

Tokyo’s Disney Sea! 


There’s no Small World ride in Disney Sea… Instead we have Sinbar’s adventures. I fell in love with this ride. The mechanics of the characters were sooooooo smooth. check it here:


 Arriving to Disney Sea

Take the monorail (you can pay with your Suica pass). Take the first stop.

Buy a ticket at the ticket office (we bought the discounted ticket at 6pm)